Obscura generates proxy email addresses to hide your identity from apps, websites, & newsletters  

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How it works

Generate a random proxy email address to hide your identity from shady apps, websites, and newsletters.

Proxy email addresses forward back to your primary inbox, so you'll still get the updates you need while maintaining your privacy.

We never save your email messages after forwarding them to your primary address.

Proxy emails keep your identity secret, and can’t be tied back to your real identity in the event of a database breach.

  • Generate 5 proxy email addresses
  • One destination email address
  • Unlimited proxy email addresses
  • Unlimited destination email addresses
  • $3.99 Per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we use a proxy email address?  

Create a new proxy email address. Then copy and paste it into a form that asks for an email address.

Do you store my email messages?  

All emails are forwarded to you and are never saved in our system.

What will you do with my email addresses?  

Nothing. We will never send you notifications unless you opt-in, and will never use your email address.

What kind of metadata
do you store?  

We are constantly working to reduce the amount of identifiable information the system needs to function.